Human-grade Superfood for your best friend

A story of a creating an organic food brand for dogs

About Santi

A Santi treat is much more than a usual snack, it is out of the ordinary and special. Santi treats are minimalist, containing only fresh fruits, veggies and seeds making each treat highly nutritious and delicious, and filled with essential nutrients and vitamins. On top of that, Santi treats include high-end proteins such as Wagyu beef, yellowfin tuna and prosciutto and super foods like chia, spirulina and acai. Now this is a real treat!

About the Project

We helped Santi Superdog Food design packaging for healthy dog treats, communicate the value and mission of Santi’s products, feed happy pooches nationwide, celebrate the joy and fun of being a dog owner, and provide nutritional value of Santi’s products to general consumers.

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