Bringing work-life balance back to the American professionals

How we craft a brand story around do more with less

About LifeWorking

LifeWorking is a network of productive and collaborative spaces in both downtown Chicago and the suburbs – designed to enable you to deliver your best, most productive, marginal minute – for your job, while you network, so you can LifeWork!

Our Impact

visitors learned what LifeWorking is through website and social media within the first month
% website traffic increase within the first month of launching the campaign
% above industry in website conversion rate
% more mobile users than industry average

About the Project

We designed the LifeWorking brand to educate the audience about work life balance, offer alternative office space for American corporates, partner with communities around the nation, prepare LifeWorking’s clients for the millennial generation workforce, and redefine what “going to work” means for the future.

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