Engaging Democracy in a brand new way

Combining America’s favorite sport with the largest election

About Debateball

Debateball brings together two American favorites, baseball and debate, in a fun way to watch presidential debates in Election 2016. Debateball is a great gateway activity to put a little fun into politics and encourage disengaged Americans to …engage. And for swing voters, Debateball is a highly useful tool to help us make sense of all the rhetoric, boil it down to runs, strikes and fouls, and decide intelligently, not just on gut or hearsay, who is a good match for your values. Instead of tweeting through the debate, interact intelligently, contributing to an aggregate score that will indicate what voters think of candidate debate performance. We, the umpires, become the debate commentators. With DEBATEBALL, democracy is no longer a spectator sport. We make the calls!

Our Impact

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Top 10 for political game apps
+ downloads with the first 3 months of launching the app

About the Project

We built Debateball to help the Quilldriver advance the company’s mission, engage the general public with political issues, generate recurring revenue for the business, and create a unique user experience for the public who are watching the presidential debates.

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