China Executive Club

Building a trusted brand for executives from China to gather here in the U.S.

About China Executive Club

China Executive Club (CEC) is an independent, non-for-profit organization founded in Chicago, IL.

The mission and purpose of the China Executive Club (CEC) is to serve the needs of Chinese companies doing business in the U.S., particularly in Chicago and the Midwest region. We promote Chicago and the Midwest region as the investment destinations for Chinese companies.  Furthermore, we advocate understanding and collaboration between Chinese and U.S. businesses to help businesses succeed in global market expansion.

In 1947 they relocated to a much larger facility in Rock Island, IL.

Our Impact

website visits in the first month of lauching the website
1st page of Google search for mode desirable keywords such as China executives within the first 3 months
+ impressions on the brand within the first 6 months through digital and event marketing
% on average increase in exposure every quarter since launch, for the first six quarters

About the Project

We built the brand for China Executive Club to create a common identity in China executives in the U.S., Communicate the mission and vision to the members, illustrate the commitment the founders have in the organization, provided information to its members 24/7, and collect membership applications in real time.

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