October, 2013

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WordPress Unit

(CHICAGO, IL, October 21, 2013) – WordPress Unit is a brand new company in Chicago partnering with Fresh Design Studio that focuses strictly on designing WordPress websites for any company who needs a new website or wants to revamp their old one.  The WordPress Unit team works hard to produce visually appealing websites that cater to the company’s needs. “At WordPress Unit, we work incredibly hard to design the perfect …

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University of Illinois at Chicago

(CHICAGO, IL, October 14, 2013)  – Fresh Design Studio has been commissioned by the University of Illinois at Chicago to build an internal social network to further expand the school’s community outreach mission with the Asian American community. Unlike major social platforms out there, this network platform does more than just connect people.  The network platform will connect the academic network with non-profit organizations and businesses in the Asian American community. Fresh …

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(CHICAGO, IL, October 1, 2013)  – Chicago’s annual Social Media Week took off on September 23rd. Our very own Creative Director at Fresh Design Studio, Anson Wu gave a presentation on the social way of Chicago and the importance of a company’s social media reputation.  It was an enlightening speech that provided the audience with very useful tips. Now that Social Media Week is over, another great week is coming to Chicago. …

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